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Me aged sixteen at Hereward College, Coventry. 1981

Thank you for running through

corridors refusing to walk.

Thank you for talking too much,

and wanting to touch boys!

Thank you for bleeding each month.

For hot clotting cramps.

Thank you for oestrogen

and the oil slick fingering of sex.

Thank you for my elastic brain,

excitable neurons.

Thank you for muscle memory

and fearless bones.

Thank you for hauling my clothes on

after pulling an all-nighter.

Thank you for ‘leap out of bed’ lectures,

and surviving the hangovers.

Thank you for head-banging,

ear splitting, banshee screaming.

Thank you for navigating darkened rooms.

and cleaning my pot filled lungs.

Thank you for growing into the woman,

I always hoped I would become.

Thank you for being so amazing!

Back then, in 1981.

My best friend, Tanya, sent this photograph. She found it while spring cleaning her art studio. It must have been taken in 1981, the year Tanya and I met at Hereward College in Coventry, UK.

I look at this photo with a sense of awe and gratitude to the girl in the photo. She was fearless in her pursuit of freedom and fun.