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Stealing a style

The government is insisting that we must stay at home

Until they can control the spread and clarify the unknown.

We take our lives for granted, the comfort of daily routine

But no one could have anticipated the deadly threat of


Some people just can’t hack it, this isolation lark!

They need their daily fix, of a preamble in the park.

Others, well they are quite happy to mash out on the sofa

And ring their local takeaway or organize a gopher!

But when the days begin to blend and lose their usual meaning.

Will we all start going mad, or get on with the spring cleaning

That we have ignored for months, claiming we’re just too busy?

Now we will have time to watch the wash, until it makes us dizzy.

Maybe you’ve found a good book to read, to while away the hours?

Or are you just content, sitting in the garden, enjoying all the flowers?

After Pam Ayres – The first poetry collection I read. I still love her!

31st March, 2020

Written way back in March at the very beginning of the first lock down in the UK.