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Mother! I’m so sorry for humanity’s disrespect

I don’t blame you for getting so upset,

With our cruelty, greed and thoughtless acts.

We gave you very little choice but to react.

I knew that things were really getting out of hand

With so much rape and pillaging of your land

Not to mention all the plastics in your seas

And the near extinction of our native bees

You tried to warn us with rages of fire and flood

Hoping we’d listen to a little toughened love.

But all we did was cry about our livelihoods

And how we had no access to services and goods.

If only we had heeded your wisdom and advice

About no more fighting and trying harder to be nice!

Now our human nature has caused a monstrous disaster

Leaving you no choice but to show us who’s master!

So, whilst most of us are self-isolating, at home.

Fear-less animals are exploring gardens, free to roam.

Now, your body is no longer under toxic pressure.

The city air is much cleaner and a whole lot fresher.

I truly hope that when this pandemic is finally over.

Humanity will learn that global greed isn’t clever.

We must understand that this planet is just ours, on loan

And promise Mother, every day, to do better and atone.

This may make difficult reading for some people but I hope many will agree that when this pandemic is over, our future survival is dependent on our willingness to change the way we live.

For Margaret. X