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Marking a new decade

I look back at Decade’s Doors

Lined up behind me like dominoes

With clear blue Janus’ eyes

The colour of cloudless January skies

The first door was paper thin

As supple as my mother’s womb

I went right through with opaque eyes

Banishing fear with sugar highs

The second door was sensuous and soft

But my heart, she got so very lost

Until I met the boy I chose to marry

And whose children, I would carry.

The third door was made of toughened steel

As I learned to grieve and then to heal

My third child became my pride, my joy

Now a young man, he’s still my golden boy.

The fourth door revolved around and around

I was so busy, my feet hardly touched the ground

By the end, I just gave up; the money and the work

But kept my job as mum, maid and cook.

The fifth door is the heaviest yet

I’m going to have to put my back into it

I pray to Cardea* to ease my way

But I guess she’s off on holiday!

*Cardea or Cardis is the Roman goddess of hinges.