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“Is it Christmas yet?”

My young son asked of me.

“No, not yet, we’ve only done

The tree!”


“Is it Christmas yet?”

As he followed me from room to room

“No,” I said and pointed

To the full and frosted moon


“Now, go to bed and dream your dreams

Of innocence and wonder;

Tomorrow will come and before you know

Christmas will all be over.”


“Oh don’t say that!” he cried,

And smudged away a tear

“Don’t worry, darling.” I sighed,

“It’ll be back again next year!”

December 2007

I was digging around in my poetry archives for something Christmassy to share and found this! Written in 2007 when my son was 12 and had grown out of the wonder and magic of Christmas. I missed his excitement and all the preparation that lead up to Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!