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I thought I’d share two challenges that I have written very quickly this week. I always distrust things that I have written quickly and barely edited but I had so much fun!

The first challenge was to use the following words in a poem: Cornucopia, Phantasmagoria, Embarrassment, Kite and Brick

Where I Live

The middle classes live in proper glass houses

Set on immaculate lawns, all bought and paid for;

A semi-detached cornucopia of red bricked crescents

Where embarrassment is worshiped every Sunday, in the

Phantasmagoria church of England high up on Kett’s Hill

And red kites weave and dance against the low, evening sun

Before eventually coming home, to roost.


The second challenge: The Ecology of Accessible Loos – A Community Exercise in rhyming couplets.

Ode to Toilet

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t prefer to use

The spaciousness found in disabled loos

I’ve used some pretty awful ones in my time

But the most recent, had no reason and no rhyme

It was in a pub, up some stairs

The stuff of wheelchair users’ nightmares

Luckily I could walk up and got to see

Where many others couldn’t pee

I can only think it was a perfect space

For giggling girls to touch up their face

Or impatient couples on one-night stands

At least they had somewhere to wash their hands!

Still, I count myself quite lucky

At least I didn’t need a Radar key!

Both challenges set by Richard Downes and can be found on his blog at the DAO Website: https://disabilityarts.online