I’ve been on an ethical shopping quest recently. Yet trying to do the right thing, raises so many questions…”

How do you know,
If you’re doing the right thing?                                                                
You read the blurb:
No bleach, no animal testing.
Free from harmful toxins.
Or synthetic chemicals, used to
Clean up those nasty spills
And smells us humans make!
Is it vegan friendly?
Innocent of animal cruelty?
And what about the packaging?
The carbon footprint?
Is it made in Third World lands?
Allegedly, by Fairtrade hands?
A women’s collective?
Where ‘Fairness’    still                                                                
Equals less!
How do I research all this?
Find the tender truth, strangled
By fake news? The Capitalist lies!
And can everybody really live
Without intentionally killing
Any other being or
Harming the planet?
This is my earnest ethical quest
And I really hope the answer will be,