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Norfolk Watercolour Circle’s Annual Exhibition held at St Margaret’s Church of Art, St Benedict’s Street, Norwich.

19th August, 2018

The din is deafening,

Hammers talking in rounds

As chalk white walls are clothed

With hues of flesh and floral feasts

Seascapes on landscape and

Portraits, who peep with eyes that follow

You round the stunted stone.

We walk on bodies, their foot worn names alone

Remind us of their presence.

Ancient cobwebs hang like broken chandeliers

Among the shipwrecked beams.

Wounded with the modernity of electric light,

Which hesitantly flicker and hum; as if

Unsure of their own integrity.

The hollow nave; no longer filled with wealthy

Merchants looking for a place in heaven,

Still crave the fevered chants of prayer

And the clink of coin in the collection tin.

Now the footfall lingers, just long enough

Upon the grieving stone

To praise the images of modern gods.

Signed, bubbled wrapped and taken home.

In convenient parcels for consumption.

If I were to worship anything

It would be art;

The stained-glass windows of our time

But on canvas and placed at eye level.

Outside, flippant (bunting) flags flap and wave

At passers-by, unsure of entry fees.

Most look away and walk onward,

Eager to reach their final destination.

But a few brave souls wander in,

Looking for art or redemption.

Perhaps, they will find both!

St Margaret Church 23 08 18
The high, timber beamed ceiling reminds me of a ship and our links with immigrants throughout history. Perhaps they built this church.