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History, a life, the heart, the brain

Flow to the taste buds and flew back again

That decades or more past Keats’s span

Makes me an older, not a wiser man

Taken from ‘A Kumquat for John Keats’ By Tony Harrison,

These lines from Tony Harrison has given me a lot of comfort recently, as I have not been acting my age!  Middle age, marriage, grown up children, experience… They do not protect you from that school girl crush that whacks right in the stomach!

Beware of butterflies!


I let a butterfly in, t’ other day.

It flew in through my old myopic eye

And fluttered recklessly around my brain.

There, it disturbed a million sleeping stars.

When, it found out my unprotected breast.  

He buried his oil slicked wings deep inside

I thought my fractured heart was bound to break.

Leaving me sad, unanchored and exposed.

In my stomach, it found some long-lost friends

And partied on through the moon spangled night

By morning, nothing really felt the same

Though I knew they had all got up and left.