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Staring up

I see leaves

Dappled gold

Warming my face

While shadows dance

Like joyful swallows

I am young here.

The lines of life, yet unseen

As I breathe in the scent

Of heavy summer roses

And hear doves gently call on

Peaceful rooftops

This moment, like my youth

Has long since passed

Yet, its echo still remains

An instant image of carefree days

When I still believed the world was mine.

For Barry and the Norfolk Watercolour Circle

I am the secretary for the Norfolk Watercolour Circle. I don’t draw or paint but pay my way by doing the minutes.

I wouldn’t share my pencil drawing of trees at our last Watercolour Circle meeting because I have always used words to create my images. It’s just the way I am made. I wish I could do both but I’m not that talented and have the greatest respect for those who are.

But as I was making my crude marks, I remembered hot summer days at Special boarding school, in Ely. It was always quiet at weekends, with very little to do. This was in a time when the sun was considered harmless to our young skin and we were herded outside by hot and bothered staff. We had beautiful grounds; the main feature was a huge Plain tree which dominated the front lawn and gave us much needed shade. I loved our well cared for garden and now realise how lucky we were to live in such beautiful surroundings. It couldn’t replace being at home with my family but I found plenty of hiding places where I could be alone.